Friday, 17 August 2007


There are days when you can pretend that the boy's going to carry on. And then there are days when you have no option but face it (sic).

The paralysis of the boy's face has become more and more pronounced in the last couple of weeks. Acutely so when he smiles. So much so that I decided to broach it with the wife. She admitted she had been thinking the same. She was very upset, both at the time and then late at night (her usual pattern).

External evidence of the tumour - growth along the optic nerve perhaps - makes me think again about the closeness of his end. Renewed feelings of guilt about whether we should be doing more and of frustrated helplessness.

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sarah's_mom said...

It is evident to me, having been following your blog for all this time, that you and your wife ARE doing - and have been doing, all that you can - the most important of which, is just caring for and loving him the way you have been. I am confident that this speaks volumes above any medical procedures. For now, try not to go there ---to the "what if's" ...he's here now - cherish. My heart is with you all.