Sunday, 5 August 2007

Having A Moment

We seem to have made it through a bad night. Touch wood. The boy's still at home.

Last night was pretty dicey. But the antibiotics and some rest seem to have helped the boy. Still needed plenty of oxygen but managable amounts and his temperature is currently under control. Given the picture above, it makes the last post seem somewhat melodramatic. It wasn't. The consultant rang back this morning and she was expecting us to be in hospital. The boy's fragility means that he can decline so fast and with chest infections take so long to recover. But being a child he can sometimes bounceback equally fast.

Didn't sleep too well. Very hot and the expectation of going to hospital. Kept it very low key for the boy during the day. He seemed generally much better. If anything a bit too active in the evening, when I was trying to calm him down. Even wanted to water the plants. But upset when he got water on himself. Had to rush inside to dry his hands whenever it happened.

Hardly a relaxing weekend on which to face a big week at work. After two and a half years, announcement day is finally coming on Tuesday. But, frankly, who cares? Not me.

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