Saturday, 4 August 2007

Hot in herre

Just when you think your worries are receding, they sneak up and whack you across the back of the head. That'll teach you to try to relax.

The boy managed the night just about ok but woke up early. Looked very tired but after coming downstairs cheered up and was acting broadly ok. Gave him some paracetamol just before luchtime and went off to auntie's house. Had a fairly quiet time there but he enjoyed himself very much. Came home and left the boy with the wife, while I had a sandwich and a sit down.

Later, he and I made preparations to cook but he was feeling very warm. Took his temperature and it was ok. Then he started to act lethargic. Bad sign. Then he lay on the floor. Very bad sign. He wouldn't go to bed so we watched TV. Took his temperature again. It had gone up, so gave him paracetamol. Eventually, even the TV was too much and he agreed to go to bed with me. But he fell asleep before I had to get in with him. He needed a fair amount of oxygen to keep his saturations up. And his heart was racing, even though he was asleep. Took his temperature again. It had gone up. The wife rang the hospital and after talking to a consultant, we got an on call GP out. Standard antibiotic prescribed. Let's hope it's enough.

Feel unreasonably emotional. Partly, it's tiredness which is worse on a Saturday. Partly, it's a fear that his requirement for paracetamol over the last couple of weeks is tumour related. And partly, it is guilt for not having spent enough time at home because of work. Don't want the boy back in hospital.

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Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

heart wrenching. especially the tiredness- bleh.