Saturday, 11 August 2007

No Train To Stockholm

Tough day. Tiring day.

The boy was up very early. Not enough sleep and clearly being unwell made a difficult morning. Had to bundle him out as soon as possible to to to the hospital for another IV antibiotic. The boy wasn't happy about going out, wasn't happy about going on the train and wasn't happy about going to hospital. Nor was I.

After the IV and some paracetamol he cheered up. But when we got home I was exhausted. After the wife got up, I went to bed for an hour. Unheard of for me.

Didn't feel any better for the sleep but it must have helped. Then in the afternoon we had to do the hospital trip all over again. Taxi we ordered didn't arrive. So, we had to take the tube again. Hard work lugging him and the laden buggy up and down station stairs. But the boy enjoyed the trip and on the way home was happy to sit at the top of the stairs watching trains coming in and going out.

Not a good couple of days for me. Not exactly restful or fun. And not good for the boy. He's still pretty unwell, with a heart rate that's too high, even if his breathing is still ok and not needing oxygen. More hoping that he has a good night and doesn't try to overdo things tomorrow.

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