Friday, 10 August 2007

Look at the sky

Announcement over, I'm having a day off. First day off since September that doesn't involve a planned trip to hospital.

The announcement happened on Tuesday. Some initial media coverage but soon bumped down the 'news agenda' by the foot and mouth outbreak. Most people in the organisation terribly excited. Difficult to share their enthusiasm, being so tired. And then thinking about all the things to do next. They all went out to celebrate and I went home to the boy. Means I lack those shared experiences that can help bond an organisation.

The boy is still very fragile. He came off oxygen after a couple of nights but his temperature is not under control. Mostly ok in the mornings but a tendency later on to rise from about normal to fever levels in less than an hour. So, so worried that the tumour is stopping him controlling his temperature. But more blood samples taken to check for infections. Have to wait and see what happens when his antibiotic course finishes today. If he gets worse it will mean IV antibiotics. And depending what antibiotic they give him, either a daily visit or being an in-patient again.

In the evening, I watched the sky while the boy stood on a chair to look over the fence and play with next door's boy. They were watering the plants by the fence. The boy was laughing excitedly, thrilled by being able to play with another child. And I was required to repeatedly fill the boy's watering can so the game could continue. It only stopped when they were both called off for their baths.

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