Saturday, 8 September 2007

Young offender

After a more cheerful morning than of late, a less happy afternoon.

The boy was awake in the night again for some time. A lie in partially compensated. He was more talkative and more engaged once awake than he has been for a couple of days. Happy to come downstairs and discuss his cooking needs. Auntie rang to invite him over. This left him with a dilema - cooking or go to auntie's house. He solved it by deciding to take the ingredients to aunties house. Unfortunately, he is used to being in aunties kitchen without me. But auntie wasn't sure she could cope and so wanted my help. The boy wouldn't allow it. So we ended up chatting and then watching TV.

By lunchtime he looked very tired so we went home with auntie so he could cook lunch for her. Even though he had more paracetamol and ibuprofen after she left he not could settle and was constatntly wriggling to change his position. So much so that we rang symptom care. They said we should give morphine in case the wriggling was pain related. It did the trick but the wife and I were unhappy that his tumour pain has progressed so fast. There's a small chance it is an infection or some such, but that doesn't seem likely.

Once calmer, we did more cooking until bed time. We had hoped to avoid further morphine but bath time and trachy tape change was a real ordeal. He wouldn't cooperate, thrashing around and shouting "no tapes, no tapes". So, after enduring the tape change we gave in and gave him further morphine to settle him for the night.

The current rate of tumour progress is numbing and giving him morphine seems another tragic Rubicon crossed. Who knows what tomorrow holds in store?

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