Sunday, 2 September 2007

(Don't fear) the reaper

Still very tired. Having trouble that I am not at work but it isn't a holiday.

The boy went to auntie's house in the morning. Keen to tell me he had seen the cat and given it some milk. But no kitten. And the had played 'house' with auntie's bed. First time he has wanted to do that in weeks.

He was looking very tired on returning, even yawning. Watched TV for an hour but then wanted to do some cooking, despite my efforts to dissuade him. Decided he wanted to make trifle. But was too tired to go to the shops. In the end, he let Mummy go for him.

When she returned, he was very keen to make the trifle. Happily cutting up sponge cake, strawberries and stirring the jelly as it dissolved. He was good at helping Mummy whisk the cream (refused to let her use the electric whisk because of the noise). He helped spoon on the custard and whipped cream. And finally, put on chocolate buttons to decorate. Even though it was nearly bath time when he finished he wanted "more cooking". So, we made a banana and honey smoothie for Mummy.

Was good at bath time. Keen to clean the bath with his toothbrush, for reasons that I failed to understand.

He had a good day, even though I fear that speaking is becoming more difficult. But I am still tired as this is my first real time off for a year. My being home is probably some help to the wife. But it isn't restful for me. Feel that I want a break that involves not doing much and being slothful. But that just isn't possible.

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