Tuesday, 18 September 2007

Staring at the sun

There are no good days now. But this one was bad by our low standards.

Went to work but had to leave early after a worried call from the wife. She was very concerned that his vision in his remaining eye was going. When I got home the boy was not really responding to questions and couldn't say how many fingers were being held up. We gave more morphine and he sort of came back to reality. The symptom care consultant came over (following a call from us and chasing by Community Nurses) and said that as he had responded to morphine it probably wasn't his vision but pressure in the brain from the tumour ie a severe headache making him unresponsive. Also makes his eyelids swollen.

Even so, he was just about able to focus on painting. But he wanted the home schooling woman to use her hand do the painting - he adores her. And we have upped his morphine dose. He then spent a long time in front of the TV before overseeing more cooking, though this required another dose of morphine.

His right arm seems much weaker than yesterday. Able to point and do a few signs but not to properly grip spoons or other implements. And his head control seemed much worse.

At bed time, he insisted on a bath, which had to be with the wife as he is too unstable to be in on his own, even with support from the side. But he was too weak to insist on the rest of his routine.

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