Saturday, 1 September 2007

What else is there?

The boy had an early start. Too many visitors meant he was wiped out by the end of the day.

An old friend of the wife came over in the morning. Brought the boy a bubble gun. He was thrilled. Happy to sit on the back step and pull the trigger to spray bubbles at me. Lots of laughter. But he was worn out when the friend left.

Needed some quiet time but auntie m and oma came over. The boy watched TV for a while and then I carried him down the road so he could look at house numbers. We then played upstairs on my bed. He is more and more unstable. Not always able to remain sitting upright. Sometimes falling over as he can't use his left side to support him. More deterioration since last weekend.

He did stay awake until bedtime, despite how tired he was. Earnestly told me he was happy, as Mummy doesn't like it when he is sad. Read him two stories at bedtime (one old one, another a new one) even though he was swaying with tiredness and gave him a nebuliser. Couldn't find it in my heart to refuse his requests.

Worried that now I've stopped working, I will be ill. Sore throat and feeling of being completely wiped out. And inexpressably sad.

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