Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Get your snack on

After the boy's lie in, thankfully a better day.

The boy was quiet in the morning, physically and vocally. But a visitor came from the organisation that helps get him to hospital. He was pleased and happy to do a jigsaw with her. Then we went in the garden to show her his bubble machine.

After she left, we finished off making the trifle from yesterday. Just in time before auntie came in her lunch hour. So, the boy made her try it. She said it was nice.

After auntie left it was back to cooking. This time poached plums in creme fraiche and chocolate. Which he made twice. With no room left in the fridge we had to give it to the neighbours. But without telling him, or he'd have been upset.

By late afternoon he was tired and did relent and watch TV for a good while. But once over, it was back to cooking. And when that was finished he was looking through his recipes to decide what to make next. Assessing what ingredients were required and whether we had them in the house. By this time he was much more vocal and ordered me out of the house to get the
missing ingredients for cooking tomorrow. By the time I returned it was too late to cook anything, so after considering the matter, he decided to cook "not real" (pretend) before going to bed.

He is wobbly but determined in his ways. Only occassionally frustrated by his useless arm and inability to walk.

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