Monday, 24 September 2007

Every breath you take

His breathing is slow and accompanied by the hum of the oxygen machine.

He needed oxygen again last night. And had a temperature. It came under control. But he has a low level chest infection. The doctor has prescribed antibiotics but his lack of regular coughing will make any infection a serious risk.

The morphine and tumour have slowed his breathing right down. Before, it was 28-30 per minute. Now 12-15. It is disconcerting to hear him breathe and the silence for the next couple of seconds before the next breath. A painful silence. But he is in no discomfort with it.

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sarah's_mom said...

I know you don't write here for the comments others might have. I think sometimes though, those of us reading this just DON'T know WHat to say. My heart is breaking for you. Even though we are dealing with the same awful disease here in our family, nothing can compare with what you are going through right this moment. :( For months now, every time I hug our Thomas, I have been mentally hugging your precious boy as well in my heart.