Tuesday, 4 September 2007

Sit down

Sitting here watching the boy as he gets a much needed lie in.

Hard to watch over him without thinking ahead. Makes it an oddly stressful task. Hard to watch him try to turn over with his useless left arm getting in the way. It is still strange to see him with only one hand behind his head rather than two.

On waking, I notice he is now using his good hand to move the paralysed one into position. So he has both hands above his head when his nappy is changed.

When the trachy cuff is down, there isn't much speech left. After achieving sentences only a few weeks ago, he is back to only one or two words at a time. So unfair that after progressing physically and mentally over the last three months he has lost all that progress and more in the last three weeks. We always try to live in the present but it is hard to stop your mind looking backwards to what was or forward to what will be.

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