Thursday, 20 September 2007

Trouble every day

Not a great night for the boy. Needed oxygen for the first time in ages. Worries that this is the breathing difficulties that we have been fearing and thus the start of the next phase.

The boy needed oxygen overnight and on waking but it wasn't really keeping his levels up. The hospital say keep on with the oxygen but if it doesn't work and he's not in pain there's not much else to be done.

My final day at work. I have finally accepted the wife's encouragement to be signed off work. Work were very good about it. I had been resisting it up to now as I fear I will not return until after he is dead.

He was quiet when I got home but did some painting and overseeing cooking but moving his arm is clearly a tremendous effort. Then a quick visit from one of his night nurses who hasn't seen him in ages and bed.

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