Saturday, 29 September 2007

Four to the floor

Spent a lot of the day by the boy's bed. He settled in the early morning and hasn't woken all day.

The wife and I have taken turns to sit by his bed, watch over him and give medicines as required. He hasn't woken all day. We have no idea if he can. We will leave that until tomorrow. His breathing rate has declined a bit more - down to 4 per minute by early evening. But his colour was good and he seemed settled. Not in any pain. We stroke his hand and talk to him, reminding him to breathe. Auntie came over briefly as did auntie m and Oma.

For now the wife and I are calm, just making sure he is ok and not in pain. There's nothing else we can do right now bit be with him. As we go onto the night things look parlerous as his oxygen needs rise and breathing rate slips again.

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Lucia Saenz said...

Sending peace and strength during this difficult time.

Lucia (ependyparents)