Thursday, 17 May 2007

This corrosion

Meeting with Big National Hospital on treatment options for the boy cancelled. No idea when it might take place.

There has been no feedback from the US hospital on their second opnion. It was expected last night but nothing was received. We were supposed to see the Big National Hospital to discuss the second opinion but only heard half an hour before the meeting was to have taken place that it was cancelled. The wife and I on tenderhooks about the meeting and have to continue to play the waiting game while the boy is still having no treatment at present.

Anxieties not helped by long and difficult discussion late last night with the wife about the declining state of our relationship. Things I've been trying to tell her since the autumn seem finally to have hit home. Not really the time for it. Not sure what to do about it, given I had resigned myself to our present arrangements.

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Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

I hope you two can find a way to make it ok to not have anything left over for each other right now. There's no way to do what you're doing and still have the energy to navigate domestic and normal interpersonal issues.

In our house, we finally admitted that we each wanted to run away; doing so made us respect each other's staying.

Oh, I so wish I could send my troop of friends and family over there for you guys. Two people is too few.