Wednesday, 30 May 2007

I see you baby

"Off to hide" and "You ain't seen me. Right."

The boy's favourite game at the moment is hide and seek.

Best played upstairs at aunties. And you get to count to ten before the game starts. He's not very good at being patient enough to count to ten when he's the one doing the looking. Tends to be "One. Two. Four. Ten". He's even worse at hiding. Wearing sunglasses while sitting on the toilet is one idea of his. A better one is hiding in the shower. But when the person looking for him says "Where is the boy? I can't find him anywhere." He always says "yeah". Loudly.

Meanwhile, some extra news from the USA from a very helpful doctor in Boston. But a bit of a worry that he has had a bug of some sort for a few days. Had minor temperatures occasionally over the last few days. Hoped he would ride it out. But a more significant temperature last night. Hope he has enough immunity to fight it - it is not yet back to normal after his chemo.

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