Thursday, 24 May 2007

King of the Road

It's so hard to watch him learning new things. To see him so excited to demonstrate them. And at the same time know that his all-too-short life is in its final chapters. Is all a bit unreal when he is happy and healthy, as now. But at least he's not of an age where we have to explain it to him - yet.

Having followed his usual pattern of denying any interest in learning letters or numbers. Then being excited when he could a couple. And the rest following in short order. He is now at the stage of wanting to demomstrate or use them all the time.

Went out and ended up making painfully slow progress, since he wanted to stop and point out the house numbers. Then at the end of each road he wanted to point out some of the letters on the road signs. He is pointing out "O" squeezing his cheek (sign for orange) and "N" pointing to the top of his head (his sign for Nena and the Neurons - a TV programme he loves).

Have now told auntie the news. Or rather the wife did. Ended up being one of the wife's stream of consciousness monologues about the boy, the options and preparations for the end. The wife only realised what she was doing when she heard auntie sobbing at the other end of the phone. The wife apologised and auntie seems ok but I wasn't impressed. Still haven't told granny. Not looking forward to that since she has always refused to entertain any notion that he won't survive.

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