Monday, 21 May 2007

Lift me up

Shouldn't post late at night at the end of a long week. Yesterday was, thankfully, a better day. Personal clouds seem to have lifted a bit. It was no more exciting than the previous day but I enjoyed time with the boy a bit more. And, things are even better with the wife. At least we're both trying to make things work for us, not just for cares for the boy.

It's always hard to assess how he's doing compared to other children, given our lack of a benchmark. But he's now starting to try to string a few more words together at the same time, rather than single words combined with gestures. Having got his numbers 1-12 and tiring of constant counting, he's moving on to letters. He found an old card index box and is taking the cards out and wanting to know what the letters are. Unsurprisingly, he started with "m" and "l" and then "d". But he's now moving onto other letters, preferring to get letters for people than things. Inevitably, the next letter was "a" for auntie.

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Still confused said...

Hi. I just wanted to say thanks for posting a comment on my blog. I always appreciate it when people respond to what I have written, even if it's somewhat hasty. And looking through your blog, although difficult represented the vitality there is in life, even if it's one that's uncertain (I lost my father to lung cancer many years ago).

As for your comment, I decided to post a free write because I had a rough week, and I hadn't posted anything. A free write seemed more appropriate to post as opposed to a post bitching about my life. Free writes aren't meant to sound pretty, but meant to untap something in the subconcious, and I think I succeeded in that. But please come back. I always appreciate comments and suggestions.