Sunday, 6 May 2007

Shopper's Paradise

Woke up this morning. Dust devils scouring my throat. Grit in my eye. My woman done left me to the childcare. Only thing wrong was that ma dawg didn't die. Yes, I have the man-cold blues.

Actually, it isn't that funny. Makes the Bank Holiday weekend a bit more of a trial doing anything, especially looking after the boy when you're knackered already. But Saturday is my main care day.

Big coughs from the boy when I deflate his trachy cuff. Do suctioning as normal but secretions come up bloody. Certainly makes me pay attention. Next few suctions are blood-stained. But thereafter nothing although the boy is quieter and hoarser than normal for the rest of the day.

Eventually, we go out to the shops - to get cake for me he says. But once in the road he pulls a fast one and hares off towards auntie's. I grab him back and he sulks when I say no. Takes a while but he eventually relents and we go shopping.

He has a quiet afternoon but we have a lovely late afternoon trip to the park. He has a great time doing synchronised swinging with Mummy and then playing ball with a little girl. He was very uncertain at first since other kids are a rarity but then really got into it.

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