Tuesday, 29 May 2007

Love Vigilantes

The weekend's over. Back at work. But we still haven't made a decision about what to do for the boy.

We did discuss the pros and cons of the options last night and the night before. But we are still in two minds. The chemo protocol open to us doesn't offer a cure. Might shrink the tumour a bit but equally might give him leukaemia. But so hard to decide that we've done all we can do and so we should do nothing.

A harder decision than I imagined. After all, it's only a simple A or B decision; do nothing or do the protocol. So, we are going to see if the local hospital have time to see us to facilitate our decision (they helped out when we were trying to decide about surgery in the autumn). And the wife wants to get extra information from two doctors in the USA. Though, this feels like a delaying tactic.

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Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

I hope the US doctor was helpful. Also hope you two can both come to the same decision together, quickly.