Thursday, 10 May 2007

In the waiting line

We are still waiting for an opinion from the US on what, if anything, can be done for the boy.

It's very frustrating. We met the consultant at the Big National Hospital in early April to discuss options and they said they would get a second opinion from the US. But they sent it surface mail so it hasn't yet arrived. Last week they said they'd send it again by courier. But chasing the US we find they still haven't received it. Pursuing the Big National Hospital again we find the courier was only sent today.

Too much time is passing and the boy's chances dissapate while we wait.

To add to the feeling of gloom, the nursery we wanted the boy to go to have rejected him on appeal. He isn't deaf enough for them. We are getting no help and he may have nowhere to go come September. But there is the nagging feeling that it all might be immaterial anyway.

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JC said...

Don't know what to say. I've been caught up in my own little dramas (work related) for a few days and haven't been able to visit. Little dramas that are in fact completely trivial when I read the account of the latter part of your pase week

Above all else, I'm sorry about the worry you're all going through. I don't pray so I can't do that for you. But I'll play Blue Monday on my way to work and keep you all in my thoughts.....

Hang on in there guys.