Sunday, 15 July 2007

Word Up

The first signs of decline may just be in evidence.

Before we got the scan results I had noticed that I was starting to find the boy's speech a little bit more indistinct. As if the paralysis of the right hand side of his face was a little bit more pronounced.

I didn't say anything for a few days in case it was just me being tired and not focusing properly. Then I mentioned it oh-so-casually to the wife. She said she hadn't noticed and it was either my tiredness or the range of new words he was learning. Both possibly true. But this morning the wife said she was tired from having to work harder to understand him.

Feel a knot of fear in my stomach as if writing this down makes it more true and hastens the end. Also, one of those rare mornings when the sounds of next door's kid playing and the sight of the parents lounging around make me unreasonably angry and jealous.

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