Friday, 27 July 2007

A wish away

"Big car"
"Lights. Yellow, green, blue, pink"
"Stamp, stamp"
"Yellow train. Not mine"
"Justin. No Mr Tumble"
"Don't be sad. Next time"

This was the boy's explanation to me of his "Make A Wish" day. He hasn't been well over the past couple of days but the wife and I ageed he seemed just about well enough to do it. So, off he went with Mummy. And I went to work.

He had been collected by a driver in a stretch limo. The limo had fibre optic lights inside which changed colour. He thought the car and especially the driver were great. He had enjoyed watching cars and buses from the limo.

They arrived at the TV studios and saw a couple of ambulances being used for a hospital drama. He went to see Justin Fletcher (a kids TV presenter) who, crucially, plays Mr Tumble. The boy had brought a painting of a flower for Mr Tumble to look at if he felt sad. Justin agreed to pass it on.

It is odd. The boy knows that Justin is also Mr Tumble in funny clothes and a red nose. But he also sees them as two quite separate people. Occasionally, when Justin is on TV I will say to the boy "look, that's Mr Tumble" and he will say "No, Justin. No red nose".

The boy was a bit upset to hear Justin rehearse Mr Tumble without the clothes and red nose. But was mollified when told that he was Mr Tumble's friend. And then really enjoyed it.

We had originally thought that the boy could go home by train. But had agreed given his condition that it wasn't sensible. Unfortunately, the wife forgot to say this to the person accompanying them who said it to the boy. He was thrilled and wasn't to be denied. The boy thinks he has special train-summoning powers. He stamps his feet on the platform and a train appears. It was an overground train not his usual tube train, hence the not mine comment.

On returning from work, I asked the boy if he had had a nice day. He said yes vigorously and then explained the highlights. Mummy had told him I couldn't come as I had to work, which is why he told me not to be sad and I could come next time.

Thanks to Justin and Make a Wish for giving the boy a very special day.

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