Monday, 2 July 2007

Somewhere down the road

After what seemed a brief sleep on Saturday night it was back to the boy, whilst the wife had my lie in as a birthday present (who said romance is dead?).

I looked rough but the boy was perky and cheerful. Wanted to get downstairs quickly to play. Was very keen to see auntie. Bought him off by taking him to the market. The wife normally does this, so had to ask the boy which stall to go to. Bought bread and sausages. The sausage man was pleased to see him and very sweetly gave him a toy car. He does manage to charm adults.

Then we went to auntie's house for lunch for the wife's birthday. The boy was well behaved whilst we ate.

This week sees the boy having various hospital appointments and crucially his next brain scan. We then have a nervous week before we get the results.


Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

a WEEK before results? Have you tried stalking the docs? That's terrible.

Ctelblog said...

Unless scans are classified as "emergency", that's normal. You get the results in the consutant's normal clinic - on a Thursday.

JC said...

Thinking of you all.

valeria said...

sometimes docs are "crazy"