Wednesday, 11 July 2007

Another brick in the wall

Tomorrow's the day for the brain scan result (MRI).

MRIs govern our lives. They happen every three months. The closer they get the more the tension rises. So much rests on the results. The wife and I tend not to talk about our fears before the scans. Partly, we don't need to as we know what's at stake. Partly talking about our fears makes them seem more real. But the not talking about it means we don't address those fears and tend to snap at each other. Not a good recipe for a harmonious relationship.

Then there is the period between the scan and the result. Usually, it's a week. May not seem long but is an eternity to us. Makes it so hard to enjoy life with this thing looming over us. Sleep is often hard for me. It is either too short or dreams are filled with with anxieties and fear. And we get paranoid about the boy's behaviour. You can't help wondering whether any tantrum or change in behaviour is a result of headaches from tumour growth.


phinu said...

Hi my girlfriend was diagnoised with ependymoma few years back. she was 18 at the time. Although she did under go a painful chemo session back then there are no guarantees that the growth will not turn malignant. she suffers from constant headaches nowadays whenever her intercrannial preassure shoots up. are you aware of an alternative way of reducing intercranial preassure? is exercise a good option? my prayers are with you for the results of the MRI scan. god bless

Ctelblog said...


I hope that your gf gets regular brain scans and sees a specialist. As for headaches, some steriods (dexamethadone?)can help reduce pressure (some side effects) if there's swelling but you really need to get her to go to a doctor.