Wednesday, 4 July 2007


Early start this morning. The boy's off for his brain scan.

Had to stop his overnight feed early to ensure he was starved ahead of the general anaesthetic. Then allowed water but nothing at all by 5.30am. Before gettng him up, we did the last minute packing of medicines, toys, nappies and reassembling the suction pump that had been on overnight charge.

The nice woman who drives him to hospital (the wife having to be in the back with him for suctioning) came at 6.45am. Got him dressed and shoes on by 7am and then waved them goodbye. Got myself off to work.

He ended up going down for the scan at 10.30am. All went ok. Had a long sleep on the ward afterwards. In a bit of oxygen but passed when he woke up. General anaesthetic depresses breathing, so it's always a slightly worrying time the 24hrs thereafter.

In the evening he was very subdued. Went to sleep early but running a bit of a temperature. Hope it is nothing serious (how often have I written this?).

Then had a difficult late night discussion with tearful wife. She is worried about the boy going to nursery. Will they look after him properly - do they really understand what they are taking on? Will he cope with other children and the rough and tumble of the nursery? Will he end up being ill all the time? Eventually, she fell asleep in mid sentence. I followed soon thereafter, into an anxious sleep.

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