Monday, 12 March 2007

Love Movement

The boy is still in hospital and had a very mixed day.

After the severity of Saturday and the close shave with intensive care, Sunday was a day of greater equanimity. The boy was still in oxygen but was more alert in a way that belied his oxygen needs.

Today has been a real mixture. He had an ok night. Not great - sick a couple of times - but not awful - his oxygen requirement reduced to 2 litres. He had a cheerful morning with no temperature and even a period off oxygen completely. But by early evening he was started to look peaky and his oxygen needs started to climb as he tired (afternoon nap notwithstanding).

This evening has not been good. For a while his oxygen needs climbed back to 8 litres. He's worn out and again not coughing things out. Some intensive physiotherapy got it back to 4 litres. Not a good position, so I'm spending the night here. Who knows what it holds?


Anonymous said...

Thinking of all three of you (from Oop North)

Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

Ugh. So scary.