Friday, 30 March 2007

Dead souls

Got the scan result. Bad news.

Saw the consultant today about Wednesday's brain scan. She said that the anomoly identified in the post-neurosurgery scan is still there. As it shows up with contrast we have to assume that there is still tumour.

As you might imagine we are crushed and in shock. We will have another meeting at the end of next week but options for future treatment may well be limited (if at all) in relation to anything that will save him. We are most likely to be considering options around the quality of his remaing life. Can't quite believe it after all he's gone through but that is the reality of where we are.

It has always had the element of being in a particularly melodramatic film. But this one doesn't look like it will end on a heart-warming note as the credits fade.


JC said...

Was scared to come in and read today.

I'm so so sorry.


Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

Thought about your little family all day. Maybe there is room on the internet for a long, pained silence:

With prayers for peace
-Sarah said...

just want to say, you are not alone