Friday, 2 March 2007

The Build Up

Seen the next two schools. This completes the trio that might have him. But we are still awaiting progress on the statement. The wife is chasing.

Saw our local nursery school a couple of days ago. Structurally, it is essentially the same as when the Victorians built it. Not very friendly for a child with poor balance who can't walk too far. Went through his history with the head teacher. Prepared to consider him if he comes with support. She seemed efficient and helpful. But the lack of potty training will be an issue as there's nowhere to change nappies. And making staff aware of his needs will be an issue. Feels very much a last resort for the boy.

Saw the special needs school today. It's quite a long way from home, which makes transport an issue. The staff/pupil ratio is very good. The pupils have a range of mental and physical disabilities - lots of wheelchairs. They are not fussed by the trachy or the gastrostomy. But since the boy doesn't yet appear particularly mentally affected by all the treatment he's had, it feels not quite right. Perhaps that's merely my prejudice.

But we still need to sort the statement of special needs. The wife is chasing the local authority.

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