Saturday, 10 March 2007

Blue moon revisited

The boy's back in hospital. Two days into his next chemo cycle and he's got another chest infection.

The boy had a so-so night. A slight temperature and some paracetamol. Only needed oxygen in the morning and then not much. His temperature was ok when he woke up. But early secretions were worringly nasty yellow-green. Then they went clear and copious. Did a ridiculous amount of suctioning in the hour and a half after he woke up. Took his temperature again to find it had gone through the roof. Then his oxygen requirement followed.

Called the hospital and then an ambulance. Usual rush to pack up and desperately trying to remember everything. There's always something you forget. This time it was his eye drops and little panda. Both equally serious. But he enjoyed the journey in the ambulance.

The x-ray is not great. But neither is it awful. Hopefully, we can manage it successsfully with antibiotics and paracetamol.

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