Tuesday, 13 March 2007

Breathe me

Another poor day after a not terribly good night.

He got through the night without getting significantly worse than the previous evening. His oxygen needs fluctuated through the night but overall were still too high for comfort at 4 litres. I didn't get much sleep at the hospital but still had a better night than the boy.

He's had an indifferent day. A short period of playfulness followed by a longer period of lethargy followed by an even longer period of sleepiness. His sleep has only been interrupted when he has woken to vomit.

His secretions have gone from being sticky to very loose. Seems like they are saliva going into his lungs not fluid coming up. We've had to put his cuff up to almost maximum to manage it. He had a real tantrum about this and is very upset at the sensation and that he can't speak.

He ends the day in no better position than last night. He looks pale and unwell. His oxygen requirements are still high at 4 litres. We have to hope he has enough resilience to come through. The antibiotics don't seem to be having an effect, so it must be viral. He just has to get through on his own.

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Anonymous said...

Thinking of all three of you.

Pretend Northerner (you'll know who ...)