Monday, 19 March 2007

Fall On Me

Did I say recovery? I meant a worrying weekend of no real improvement.

Saturday was exhausting. The boy was awake from 7.00am.He was farly cheerful in the morning but secretions ridiculously copious - we went through some 400 catheters in just over 12 hours (normal day is only about 70). He tired, usurprisingly, in the afternoon but wasn't too bad. Still in quite large amounts of oxygen. The boy eventually fell asleep at 8.00pm after a large vomit.

He slept well Saturday night. Sunday was a real contrast. Secretions minimal. so much so that by the afternoon he was coughing and nothing was coming up. His breathing was laboured and the doctors were getting worried again that his blood gas levels of co2 were too high. Intensive care was alerted. He had physio and constant nebulisers. This eventually made some improvement but his secretions were like toffee and hard for him to shift.

So, he ended the weekend no better than Friday.

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