Saturday, 10 February 2007

Where were you hiding when the storm broke?

Poor boy has that awful in-between chemo head.

Most of his hair has now gone. Last time it thinned as it fell out. So it looked fairly even until there was none. This time is a lot more clumpy. Odd tufts here and there, like some sort of mad uncle. And those big red scars.

Busy week at work. Early start to attend press photocall. But stayed out of shot. We were on the TV news, so big deal for us. Everyone going out to celebrate. But I came home to the boy. Quite a contrast. News is about the boy's secretions and what was on Cbeebies, not the outside world. Always amazing how with a sick child it overrides everything else. And, surprising how you forget you had a whole day of things other than the boy. It's when the two overlap (like when the wife was ill) that the real difficulties arise. Perhaps that's the same for parents with healthy children. But I wouldn't know.

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