Saturday, 24 February 2007

Narcotic Influence 1

Tricky day. Got off to a bad start. The boy was very sick in the early morning. He improved during the day. But it's not clear why he was sick. Chemo?

The boy vomitted several times in the early morning and retched a lot more. Hope we got all of it before it went into his lungs. He looked very unhappy for some hours but refused to have his trachy cuff inflated for long.

He improved during the day. But we had to try to get him to take it easy during the day, so he would last until bedtime. In fact, he did pretty well all things considered. Was generally cheerful and played much as normal but, unsurprisingly, didn't want to go outside. Only became crabby and difficult in the hours before bedtime.

Was probably the chemo, even though the sickness was many hours after it was given. But we have to give it nevertheless. Another weeks chemo to go before his week's break.

And as a postscript to the previous post. We did get the blood transfusion done on Friday. But not without more messing around. Got the boy into hospital for 10.15am. Blood test done quickly but had to wait until 2.30pm for the blood. Didn't get the boy home until 7.00pm.

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