Thursday, 1 February 2007

Injured Bird

The wife was still ill, so looked atfer the boy again. Goodness knows how she does it five days a week, its exhausting.

The wife was far too ill for me to go to work. She slept for nineteen hours, only waking for the doctor.

The boy had a bit of a lie in. Allowed me to do some work - the curse of the BlackBerry. He'd had a good sleep and so was cheerful. We played a bit and I gave him his chemo before the Community nurse came to give him his IV antibiotic. He sat patiently in his cot while she got it prepared and was stoic when she changed his central line dressing. Meanwhile I'm juggling three phones (mine, the wife's mobile and the home phone) taking calls on all and trying to re-order oxygen and book an appointment at a nursery. Multi-tasking hell.

The boy made sure she put on her shoes and took her handbag when she left. She hadn't been gone long when the doctor came. A cross between a social call and update really but had to take her through the boy's recent back story and eye appointment information. While she was there a new carer arrived (the usual one comes for three hours a few times a week). Wasn't much help as the boy needed to get to know her and I still needed to do suctioning (she would need training before doing so). Managed to grab ten minutes for a sandwich but that was all.

Did all the prepration for the bath and night time. The wife got up long enough to help with the tape change but that was all. Had to clean all the equipment and make feed for the boy's night. Eventually finished at nearly 10pm. Hard work doing everything solo.

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