Saturday, 3 February 2007


Looking after the boy again today. It's going to be a long day. Am in a very bad mood and tired with it.

The reason for the tiredness is obvious from the last few posts. As for the bad mood, it's the wife's fault. She can't help getting ill. She has tried to manage with the boy even though she's ill. She hasn't looked at all well. Then she blew it last night and all my sympathy evaporated.

She has been too ill to eat for a few days. She started trying soup and dry crackers a day or so ago. Fine. Then she got hungry. Despite my protestations she had a prawn curry and a bottle of red wine. Bad. Very bad. All too predictably it made her ill. So a very late night for her and me. And so it looks like she may be ill for a few days all over again. Terrific.

As for the boy. He's getting increasingly tired at this point in the chemo cycle. And his hair is looking oddly spikey. Means it's thinning as it starts to fall out.

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