Friday, 2 February 2007

One Small Step

Managed to go to work for the morning. But had to return at lunchtime to resume looking after the boy. The wife returned to bed.

Went to work early to try and catch up on what time lost the previous day. Always clock-watching as the wife did not look well when I left. Predictably, got a call late morning to ask me to go home.

Returned home to find yet another new carer. As with the previous day, spent the time explaining the boy to her inbetween suctioning. She was not much use to me. Didn't even get ten minutes to have a sandwich this time. Also, after three days without Mummy, the boy was more clingy. Wanted to be carried a lot. Really taking its toll on my arm. Am suffering from almost permanent pins and needles in it. Making it difficult to get into a comfortable position to sleep.

It has been such a hectic few days with no time to think, that I forgot my mother was coming over in the atfernoon. When there was a knock at the door I answered it and just stared at her blankly in surprise. She looked rather hurt. Ooops.

Trying to keep the wife away from the boy to reduce infection risk, so did all the bathtime routine and she only came in to do the trachy tape change and say goodnight. He keeps asking for her but so far saying she is not well and in bed is mostly holding.

Tried not to do work at the same time as looking after the boy. Made the experience somewhat less stressful. Last day of IV antibiotic and last day of this chemo cycle. Immunity low and going to get lower over the next week or so. Keeping our fingers crossed and not taking him out where there are people. We soldier on.

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