Monday, 15 January 2007

History - 2007

The start of the year found us twenty months into the journey. The boy was just three years old. He has had three major operations on a tumour in his brain. He has had two different courses of chemotherapy and six weeks of radiotherapy. He has a trachy and a G tube.

The boy was recovering from the two operations at the end of 2006 and starting his third course of chemo. He has right-sided facial paralysis, no swallow and is very wobbly on his feet (the tumour has afftected his balance).

The boy had three cycles of chemo (three weeks on, one week off) until the end of March. He then had a brain scan. This showed that the operations had not been able to remove all the tumour as we had hoped.

The month of May finds us waiting for a second opinion about what options for treatment, if any, are open to him.

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Angela Lam said...

just saw your post on ependyparents site and viewed your blog. So sorry your son is back in the hospital. Lawrence history is very similar to my daugther...still fighting this beast as well. We will be thinking about your family and Lawrence. If you'd like to discuss treatments, feel free to email me at My daughter Devon's site is: