Tuesday, 23 January 2007

Cleaning out my closet

Good news for a change. Subject to any last minute hiccups, we're going home.

The boy is considered well enough to go home. Nothing further has grown in his blood cultures. So, they are switching him from three-times a day IV antibiotics to one that is given once a day as a push. This can then be given by the Community Nurses for the remainder of the course.

Considering he's still not allowed out of the hospital cubicle, he was remarkably cheerful and tolerant yesterday. Even the trachy tape change went smoothly, by getting one of his toys to watch and him explain what was going on.

He always enjoys having his obs taken by the nurses. Tells them which toe to put the sats monitor on and which arm to put the tempadot under. He then likes to check the result of the tempadot, which he knows turns blue - see below.

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