Thursday, 18 January 2007


All too predictably, the boy is in hospital.

When I got home from work, the wife said he'd had a good day and been very active. To me he looked wiped out and somewhat lethargic. Got him bathed and to bed early (with almost no fuss - not a good sign).

Took his temperature. Was up but not too bad. He went to sleep almost immediately. Took his temperature 45mins later. Sky high with high pulse but oxygen saturation ok. Called the hospital for his blood results (he'd had them taken earlier in the day by a Community Nurse). They were not great but ok. Gave him some paracetamol. This calmed him down but not us. By 1am his temperature was very high again and his pulse higher. Gave him more paracetamol. Temperature came down quite quickly.

But by 5am his temperature was rocketing again with his pulse. And he vomited. Decided we had to call the hospital and suggest to them that he should be admitted. They agreed. Called for an ambulance as his oxygen saturation was dropping. By the time they came he was on oxygen and ill enough not to be pleased to see the ambulance crew. He did cheer up when he saw the ambulance and happily stroked it. Took pains to tell the crew that it was a yellow ambulance and that there were also ambulance cars but they were not as nice as their ambulance. The ride made him retch a bit but not actually vomit.

Went to A&E. The usual relating of his history to three different nurses and a doctor. After an hour (pretty short by normal standards) he went for an X-ray and then up to the ward. Relayed his story a further two times to different nurses. Tried to get the room stocked for his needs but this was difficult as I couln't leave him for more than a few seconds at a time and the nurses had disappeared into handover. Unfortunately, the room suction pump wasn't properly assembled. Luckily had ours, so could use that until I had time to assemble theirs properly.

The wife came later with other supplies. Did handover with her and got the room stocked. Two hours after admission he still hadn't had any treatment for whatever he's got. Hopefully the doctors will decide this morning. Then had to leave to go home, shave and on to work. Terrific.

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