Sunday, 21 January 2007

Late One Sunday

It's Sunday lunchtime. I've the usual Sunday hangover feeling. Less any alcohol, more cumulative fatigue.

The boy's doing ok. Looked after him for most of the day yesterday. The wife only came for a few hours late afternoon. The boy did pretty well. Temperature almost back to normal. Heart rate still a bit elevated but hard to be clear whether that's the infection or antibiotics. He's on vancomycin. A heavyweight antibiotic that brings him out in a rash on the face, arms and legs. It usually gets worse the more doses he has, so it's something we keep an eye on.

But at least I've a few hours off today. I'm such a misery. My aim for time off is to interact with as few people as possible. Preferably no-one. The wife and auntie have called and received monosyllabic conversations.

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