Sunday, 28 January 2007

Feel Good Inc.

At last, a good day. Tiring, but good.

There was nothing special about the day. The boy didn't have a lie in. We didn't do anything terribly interesting. He didn't achieve any developmental milestones. But we were at home and he was cheerful. And that's something in itself.

This was one of those days to enjoy something approaching normality, after having spent last weekend in hospital. It was my day to look after him. He woke up as soon as I took over. He woke in a really cheerful mood.

He watched TV for a little while, showing the animals the various characters. I gave him his chemo. We came downstairs.

He purposefully wanted to help washing the suction pump, taking the other one out of the steriliser and drying it, and helping with the washing up. "Help" is his word of the moment. He drags his chair to the sink and clambers on it so he can see what's going on.

The nurse came to give his IV antibiotic. He was very good. He scrambled upstairs to sit on the armchair in his room while he patiently watched her prepare the tray. Offered her his line and then helped tidy up and put away.

After waving her goodbye, we got packed up to go to auntie's. To my huge pleaure, he walked all the way there. First time he's done this with me since the operation at the start of December. May only be 500 yards or so but really good for him. He has been so reluctant to walk outside.

Rather sweetly, at auntie's he made me sit in a chair while they made tea and coffee. He just loves the process of making tea and coffee and I loved the fifteen minutes sit down.

We all sat on the sofa while auntie and I had our tea and coffee. He watched TV like the Queen Mother (so says auntie) as he has a cushion on his knees and his feet wrapped in a velvet scarf. When we had finished, we went upstairs to play on auntie's bed making a house from her blankets and duvet.

Came home reluctantly to see Mummy. He did start to tire after returning home but gained a second wind before bedtime by playing the game where he puts me to bed, waves me night night and turns out the light.

A good day.

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