Saturday, 20 January 2007

I Live For The Weekend

The boy is asleep as I write. He is comfortable. He may not be well but he does seem to be over the worst. I hope I don't speak too soon.

Had an ok night Thursday in hospital as did the boy. Still having high temperatures but the peaks were lower than the previous day. He was still asleep when the wife came to take over, so I could go to work.

Work was a bit more difficult as the previous days were starting to catch up with me. Returned to hospital early so the wife could go to an appointment. Found the boy sitting up holding court and looking tenfold better than the previous day. Fifteen hours sleep may have helped.

The wife said that although he looked better it had been a day of cruel disappointment. The doctors had said that his blood cultures were not showing anything and he looked much better. Since he wasn't neutropenic there was no need to be in hospital. And we could go home in the morning. A little later the doctor returned to say that they had grown something in the cultures and we weren't going anywhere for the next few days.

The bug is a "staph". But we don't know what sort yet. That will wait for Monday. He's on IV antibiotics and we hope it's not a bug in the line. Although we have cleared them before, when it happened in July he had to have an operation to remove the line and have it replaced with a femural line - which the boy hated and found upsetting.

Looked after the boy for a few hours. He seemed to be trying to make up for missed play the previous day. He was quite manic, wanting me to help him play with three toys at once and for all his toy animals to play along as well (I had to make them move and provide voices). I was quite worn out by the time the wife returned but pleased he was looking so much better.

Will look after him for the whole day while the wife has her day off. The nurses have said they will cover so I can have lunch but, on past performance, I'm not holding my breath.

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