Saturday, 28 April 2007

Walking home through the park

Good day. Not so good day.

The boy had a good sleep. None of his recent tendency to be awake for a few hours in the early morning.

After the chores of the washing up and cleaning the nightime suction pump, we went to the shops to buy cake. For auntie. For that was what he really, really wanted on waking. He was delighted to see big panda and chi chi panda and to make them tea and me coffee. He was much less delighted later to have to leave. After a small 'fling yourself on the floor and sob pitifully' tantrum we left auntie's house.

However, we didn't get very far. The next house along in fact. While he tried to either plead with me to go back or have a strop to go back, I prepared his medicines in the street. Bit unorthodox. Got a few funny looks but reasonably practical. Was medicines that need to be dissolved in pots with either water or sodium bicarb. Good thing he didn't want to go anywhere for a while. Eventually, he lost interest in me and busied himself with some syringes and end caps. A source of more funny looks. Never seen myself as the local nutter before now but it's not normal behaviour.

Went home to Mummy. After a rest he was persuaded to go to the park on the promise of feeding the goats. Luckily the petting zoo was open and he was able to feed the goats and wave at the rabbits.

We had tea at the cafe and then went to the playground. He went on the swings, where he is very keen that you stand infront so he can kick you from behind. A metaphor for life, I think. A lesson for us all. We are adults but the kids are in charge.

Got home late. He was tired and after going to sleep we took his temperature. Was up, as was his heartrate and resps; and he needed oxygen for the first time in a few days. Perhaps we'd overdone it with the trip to the park. I hope the next entry won't be from hospital.


Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

Ah, yes, the drug dealing family at the next table, putting syringes in their little one... At least everyone's stares make it easier to feel indignant and defensively proud of one's family. If no one looks, it can just feel pathetic.

Cancer sucks.

Ctelblog said...

Kids always stare at the trachy. Parents at the syringes. The boy doesn't yet appear to notice either. But its the little kids (18 months old) that you have to watch out for. They're the ones that make a grab for the trachiphone.

Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

Well, 18 mos old? Even with no "special parts," kids that age go for the eyes!

People have started asking if we're going to have another baby and I just ...stare.

Could be cancer, could be having a nearly two year old.

Ctelblog said...

Perhaps they go for eyes on normal kids. But with the boy, they definitely go for the trachyphone. One even manaed to remove it - luckily without causing the boy any damage other than shock and surprise.

Ah yes...the second baby question when the first is nearly two. People have asked us as well. But I feel just too old for it and life is too uncertain with the boy. Not sure the wife could cope with the boy and being pregnant / dealing with a new born.