Sunday, 22 April 2007

The Moon, The Sky

My Saturday with the boy. A reasonable day. He was in a good mood, despite vomiting from the chemo in the morning. Happy to read books early on. Then went to aunties' house. Rather too much Cbeebies and then a tantrum on leaving. But by the time he got home he was calmer and matter-of-factly told Mummy that he had been sick in bed but had then stopped. Then the bed had to be cleaned with new sheets.

After he went to bed I went for a short walk as the last of the sun was setting. A melancholic time of hazy tiredness. The wife always wishes on a full moon. But I decided to wish upon a star (as life is a like a song title). Wishing for good news from the hospital on Thursday (consultant appointment). Wishing that there is something positive that can be done for the boy.

I hope it was a star - it's wrong to wish on space hardware.

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JC said...

It was a star.