Friday, 13 April 2007

In my place

The boy waiting to go home from hospital.

First full day home was not a success.
Boy had a good lie in without the noise of the shift change to wake him up. But then wanted to watch Cbeebies, as he has become accustomed. We don't have it. Cue more wailing about not wanting to be at home and wanting to go back to hospital. So much so that it made the wife cry.
He had an ok day but needs more careful attention, since with his cuff up you can't be so aware of his needs if he isn't in sight (even if you are in the same room). And he has a new range of medicines which take some getting used to. Granny came over which cheered him up. But he refused to go out to buy new shoes.
Eventually succumbed to the lure of going to aunties to see the pandas. He is concerned about bright light and so was happy to wear sunglasses for the short walk over there. Even not too bad when he had to leave on the basis that I would carry him home.
But when his cuff was deflated it was as if a monster had been released. He went from being broadly cooperative to willful, unruly and totally unreasonable. Just about managed to give him a bath even though it was a wrestling match to get his clothes off and then on again. But the tape change defeated us. He would not cooperate and in the end we decided it was just too dangerous.
It makes being home seem less the lovely option that we dreamt about in hospital and more another trial. The wife and I were left feeling very unhappy that being home was now more stressful than being in hospital. How much is that his cuff being down gives him a short while in which to release a day's frustrations is not clear. But whatever, it's no fun.


FlipFlop Mom said...

Thank You for sharing your story... What a cute little boy you have there!!

JC said...

I'm real sorry that everything is proving so tough just now.

I'm sure that all of us who come in here every few days will be hoping that things will settle down somewhat.