Thursday, 26 April 2007

Delayed Shadows

Today was the the day to meet the consultant and decide on what treatment options, if any, we have for the boy.

The hospital rang yesterday to say that not all the information is back yet and so the meeting is postponed. It is worrying that this latest round of chemo is coming to the end in a few days and then we will be doing nothing for him. Both the me and the wife were becoming quite stressed in advance of the meeting. My dreams are full of anxiety and adrenaline. Bit tiring.

To add to this, we are getting the run around on possible schooling. The local authority will make an assessment of special educational needs but only if he's in a school. They've offered the possibility of a place at a special school. They say we can go for a mainstream school if we can get a place. But it's a catch 22 - without the special needs asessment he can't get a place at a school other than his local (which we think is not suitable).

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