Friday, 22 June 2007

Monday Monday

First big meeting with medical people coming up on Monday. The first time to have a meeting based on the "he's going to die" premise, rather than "can we cure him".

We get what looks like being formal handover from the oncologist to the palliative care consultant. The meeting should be those two, the local hospital, the community nurses, our local doctors and the hospice. Have to decide what appointments he should continue to have and what we wish to drop, whether if he's ill we still want him to come to hospital or try to treat him at home (higher risk), what medication we are prepared for him to have when he declines and where we plan to spend his end (home or hospice). Can't wait.

Also, finally got round to telling my boss what's going on. Never easy discussing non-work things. He does that uncomfortable not meeting my eyes thing. But what can you say in those circumstances?

Meanwhile, the boy's still trying to get over his line infection. But he's otherwise not too bad and happily meeting more people now he has a modicum of immunity.

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Thomas, as told to Sarah said...

thinking of you all today.