Wednesday, 6 June 2007

Like a child

Never a dull moment. The boy has another very high temperature - out of nowhere. Might be a general kiddie illness. Might not. And always the fear that it is the start of the end, given how fast his type of brain tumour can grow.

He was fine in the morning. But got sleepy in early afternoon. Eventually, went to sleep with Mummy and then put to bed. She took his temperature. It was higher than we've seen before. Gave him something for it and after a hour or two his heart rate started to decline and he maintained his breathing in air.

Wife a bit tearful. Me shaky and fearful.

But by early evening after three hours sleep he woke up. Clearly thought it was morning as he wanted the lights on, the blind up and the TV on. Took me a while to persuade him it really was evening.

Then wanted to go downstairs and spent the rest of the evening playing happily as if nothing had happened. Very active and as cheerful as you like. Finally got him bathed, trachy tapes changed and story read not long before my own bedtime. He still looked full of beans. The medicine will wear off in a while and we will see then if his temperature goes up again.

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